Saturday, May 16, 2009

All Better

Logan and I spent some quality time in various doctor's offices this past week. He started with a cough a few day's before Mother's Day. Sure enough, I also felt the sinus infection coming on! By Mother's Day he was definitely sick and I was not the greatest either. We spent the day with both sides of the family and the little guy was such a trooper.

By Monday morning he had quite a cough and his eyes were all goopy. After a long wait at the pediatrician, she gave us two prescriptions for his cough, ear infection, and double pink eye. What a whopper for my little guy's first illness. After we left the pediatrician, we went right on to my doctor. Not that anyone is surprised, but I had a sinus infection! I believe that is number 8, 417 for me. I hope Logan did not inherit my sinus'... though I have a distinct feeling he did.

We stayed home for a few days. I learned something pretty quick... when you are a mom, you don't have time to be sick! All that matters is getting your little one healthy again. Owen was more than wonderful nursing us back to health! We are all better now!

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